Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home Renovation

Today I decided would be a great day to start showing you all what we were planning on doing to our small cottage home in Peachtree Hills. We love our home here and wanted to stay in the neighborhood but since we got married the house has been a little tight for two people and two large dogs (as you can see our yard has taken a hit too, ha) We got the variance and are moving forward as we speak! Ryan, my husband, has been wonderful and drawn up our plans as he is a wonderful architect. We wanted to show you the floor plan of the main floor as it stands now. It is basically one room on the main floor. We have a foyer, living room and a tiny dining room that fits a very small dining table for two. We have had a big problem because of the random column that sits in the middle of everything, haha. Anyways, below are the as-builts of the house and a few pictures of the outside;

Ryan has been working tirelessly on the plans. He has done a great job! Look at the plans to see what our ideas are. We plan to just expand the first floor. So we will be pulling the front of the house out ten feet, adding a fireplace and a nice closet, then a front porch. We will be getting an actual dinning room and living room, plus all the room on the screen porch. As our house is now we have two small closets upstairs and the washer/dryer is in our bedroom, so the new closet will have the washer/dryer and afford us a place to store somethings! Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. We are trying to keep cost down so any hints will be helpful.

This is our furniture plan of what the layout will be after the renovation. We are basically double the bottom floor! We are also doing some upgrades to the kitchen. I am having a hard time deciding on colors, fabrics, etc. I think I have too many options but once I narrow it down I will get yalls advice!

We are in the process of pricing now and should have more updates soon, but I would love anyone advice or comments.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow, great design. Looks like a big improvement. What a design team!

  2. Nancy and Ryan,
    This looks amazing! I love the furniture design, it looks very functional to me. Are you expanding the kitchen as well (i guess into the backyard?) I am so proud of you guys!!!!!! Nancy I cannot wait to come see the store in person cause i am in love with your style...i need you and ryan to make a trip to LR to help us out:) We are getting ready to re-do our screened in back porch!!!!! LOVE you and cant wait to see you in JUNE. I got your voicemail today and will call you tomorrow:)))))

  3. I love the picture with Hank at the bottom of the driveway, eyes glowing. :)

  4. It looks wonderful. Hope it turns out great, I'll be rooting for you guys. Home renovation usually takes a lot of time and money, but if it's done correctly, it'll be worth it.