Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 2

So this is what I can home to yesterday. You can already tell that taking
out the column will make the room feel larger. Wonder why the column
was so large when underneath was just a 4x4? haha

View from the other-side. Looking into kitchen & foyer direction.

What used to be the hot water heater closet. Taking it apart to set the refrigerator back in. Its going to be tight!
So of course this is just the beginning, now they will be pouring footers underneath the house so that they can take out the column. Our crawl space is so small they are going to have to tear up our floor and get to it from that way, fun fun! We will be spending the weekend trying to save all of our plants that are next to our house before it starts to get really warm here, hopefully it will work! Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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