Friday, November 5, 2010

The New Traditional

I just bought the book by Darryl Carter "The New Traditional".  I cant believe I have gone so long in
my design life without it.  But I began to think what does "The New Traditional".  Everyone I am sure has
their own opinions and design ideas about what it means.  I think one major theme is having textured/old items mixed with new items.  It is the balance of modern and traditional, which I call transitional.  I wanted to share some of the textured items I love.  I really love a space that you can feel it has been lived in.
For example, this kitchen it is a place of gathering.  The subway tile adds a clean lined nature to the space but in contrast to the old kitchen island with the dog pillows piled underneath makes the space feel inviting.  
I adore the stacked wood on the left.  It adds that rustic/warm nature to a clean lined living room.
This is one of my most favorite pictures.  I love the modern light with all this very rustic wood against a white background.  I love everything in this picture.  Do you?

Happy Friday! 


  1. Those are very lovely furniture. I'm planning to Building a new home and I want this kind of furniture in my house.

  2. What a great book!! i love that dressing table. the light is amazing in that room.