Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whitefish, MT

I have finally uploaded my pictures from our trip out west.  At the beginning of Febuary I suprised my husband for his 30th birthday! We flew to visit his brother and sister in law in Whitefish or so he thought.
                                               Audrey & Marcus at Kelly (Ryan's sister's) wedding in Austin
Ryan just thought we were flying to go see them but low and behold his family was there!

              Marcus is part owner in a brewery in Whitefish called Great Northern Brewery. This is our family  at                       a beer pairing dinner for the brewery. So much fun! Marcus & Audrey really put on a show!

Ryan also got a shock when he saw a bunch of our friends had flown across the country to ski & see Ryan
turn 30!

This was ryans face the whole weekend, friends just kept showing up!
We had a fabulous weekend.   It was a great weekend filled with a Beer Barter, Skiing, being with fabulous friends and family.  It was such an amazing time.  Here are some pictures.  

Thank you everyone for making this such a special weekend! It was the best.  I loved the snow but I will tell you I am happy for it to be warm in Atlanta now.
Happy Thursday!

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  1. I think Ryan pretty much had the most fun he's ever had, from the look/sound of it...