Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year!

I know its been a long time but blogging is one of my new years resolutions, as I am sure with lots of other people.  Ryan and I had a fabulous time in Texas for Christmas & New Years.
We went to Fredricksburg where Ryans parents bought a piece of property and are designing a home!
                                            Ryan & his dad scoping out the house location
We had a blast figuring out the new property and what the new house is going to look like!
                                                                                       Me, Kelly, & Audrey
As you can see we definitely helped the process.
                         Happy New Property Owners!
  Such a wonderful time, sad it is already over.  We had a great holiday but we were excited to start the new year with very exciting things happening at Scout!
 We have some great new projects, a new house, renovations, & a Showhouse!  Allison Harper and I are doing the Nursery in the Inspiration House on Andrews Drive.
Ryan & my house is on tour next Sunday along with 4 others in Garden Hills & Peachtree Hills.  If you go on the stroll you also get to cap off the event by seeing the Inspiration House before it even opens! We have tickets for sale at Scout for $20 a ticket.  It also includes drinks and food at the Inspiration House afterward.
We are also host on the first "A Night for the Young & Savvy!"  It should be a great event on February 3rd.
Vendors are bringing lots of great deals! We are selling those tickets too, $40 a person for drinks and food and hopefully find some great pieces!
We are really excited about this year!

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