Friday, August 31, 2012

The Definition of a Demilune

A Demilune sounds like an unknown, intimidating piece of furniture, but most people do not realize that they do know what this piece of furniture is.  When "Demilune" is googled, this is what comes up-

demilune [ˈdɛmɪˌluːn -ˌljuːn]
1. (Military / Fortifications) Fortifications an outwork in front of a fort, shaped like a crescent moon
2. a crescent-shaped object or formation; half-moon
[from French, literally: half-moon]
 The Demilune table finds its way into most of our Design Projects.  It is a great piece to incorporate because of its flexibility and ease.  Below are a few great examples of how a Demilune is used, images found on Pinterest.

 The options are endless when it comes to style, shape, and form.

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