Thursday, October 28, 2010

Interior Designer vs Decorator

One of my new favorite blogs, yes I am slow on the blog uptake, is Haven & Home.  I went to college with Marianne and was so pleased to find out that she has a fabulous blog that is quiet popular.  She is also a very talented Designer/Decorator.  The other day I was reading her blog and I came across the debate of Designer vs Decorator.  I have always been very interested in this topic because I went to Ole Miss and studied Art History so I do not have an Interior Design Degree, although I always knew that I wanted to design. I have worked for so many talented Decorators that have not have Design degrees, that always told me "You either have it or you dont".  I definitely wish I could do some of the things learned in Design school (im sure my husband would be happy if i knew some of those things as well, especially CAD). So this debate hits home for me. Please dont think I am saying anything against Design school, everyone is very talented that has gone through it and I respect them so much.  I just think it is an interesting debate.  Check out her blog and let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Nancy! I found your blog through Blaynes blog. Love your house transformation. Can't wait to see more of it! My husband and I built a farmhouse style home. We moved in about 14 months ago however the outside is still a work in progress. I really love the gray color on the outside of your porch and was wandering if you would share the color?


  2. Oh how fun! I love farmhouse homes. Our gray siding color is Amherst Gray from Sherwin Williams. Good luck!