Thursday, January 27, 2011

Modern Rustic

Good Morning! So lately I have been thinking about what modern rustic really is.  I believe it is probably different to different people but below are my thoughts on what it is.   My favorite thing to do is place rustic accents in the same room with modern furniture or details.    What are your thoughts of rustic modern? Does that term exist? haha
                                                                  Belgian Pearls
                                                 Love the modern detail in the rustic wood. 
                                                         At Ease Interiors - Belgian Pearls
Rustic wood with modern fireplace.  Sadly here I dont think it would be to code since the wood is combustible.
                                                                         Axel Vervoordt
                                                        Another angle - Axel Vervoordt

Happy Thursday! Have a great one.

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